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SETA is dedicated to helping companies worldwide increase their sales performance
and accelerating revenue growth while improving customer loyalty.

In today’s more complex & changing business environment, customers are asking for your sales team’s help to meet their challenges & grow their businesses. We help organisations meet these challenges head-on through the transformation to a customer centric & strategic relationship that is mutually beneficial. By leveraging new skills, behaviours, knowledge and innovative approaches and combining these with practice & coaching, your organisation will grow its business, people and customers.

Incremental Sales Growth

  • Boost sales productivity and deliver high-quality results by establishing consistent, controlled, and repeatable sales processes
  • Create a more capable sales force by identifying and teaching the behaviours demonstrated by top performers
  • Improve conversion rates and sales cycle times by aligning the sales process with customer buying behaviour and decision points
  • Enhance sales team efficiency by increasing the adoption rate for productivity tools and processes

Our Services

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Current  Sales Models

  • Business Value Selling
  • Negotiation & Closing
  • Presentation & Discovery Skills
  • Questioning & Communication Skills
  • Team Building
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Engage New Sales Techniques

  • Thought Leadership
  • Visual Selling
  • Challenger Sales
  • Web Presentations
  • Performance Coaching
  • Digital Acceleration Adoption & Tools
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Smarter Selling leading to profitable results

  • Drive Customer Value & Loyalty
  • Increased Conversions via Digital Sales Models
  • Sales Transformation drives increased performance & results
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SETA has been a fantastic resource for supporting our team with a great can-do attitude.  I would highly recommend working with SETA.

Gary E

A uniquely skilled people motivator and strong trainers who continually drives for the best results.

Their international experience also provides a well-rounded view of doing business on a global level. I would certainly recommend again.

Kevin D.
Former Global VP Oracle

One of the best speakers and trainers globally…it really helped me to find and create a new techniques to close deals faster.

They helped us as sales teams to develop our skills and find a special way to present SAP and touch the valuable points for each customer.

Amjad A.
Sales Manager, Wipro

(SETA) are a savvy and accomplished and world-class team who understand the art of the deal.

They immediately inspire confidence and leave no stone un-turned in their follow through and efforts to ensure customer success.

Roger S.
Managing Director EMEA, QAD

It simply left a positive mark in my life and career…they were very knowledgeable, creative, funny yet professional, and the most important that when you work with them, you will be surprised of how humble and genuine people.

I enjoyed the course  and the tips and tricks given.

Bahaa B.

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